Wednesday, September 13, 2006

auspicious botany

And crow's feet:
To see six crow's feet, at age 27, on your own face, is to be reminded of the 'capillary action' experiment that you conducted in grade five. The experiment demonstrated how plants have water transport channels which operate like veins to distribute water to all parts of the plant. It is conducted by tainting a glass of water with red vegetable dye, placing a long-stemmed white flower of any variety into the water, and then monitoring the progress of the dye as it travels upwards, eventually turning the petals pink.You remember that this is a much better experiment than the 'Is yawning contagious?' one or the 'How long does it take for biodegradable garbage bags to disintegrate?' one because once its done, its done. There is no iffy line of speculation in the report's conclusion. Capillary action is a irrevocable truth.

Although the aging experiment (as marked by said crow's feet) takes longer and has disruptive effects on the psyche, it is also a certain and watchable truth. No hypothesis necessary.


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