Monday, September 11, 2006

earthquake clusters

Last night you dreamed a visit with your dead grandmother.

In this dream your mother leads you into a sterile waiting room filled with people who are slumped over in white chairs. You stand there, keeping your eyes on a door at the far end of the room. Your mother disappeared into this door telling you to wait where you are. You catch a glimpse of your deceased great uncle Bill and instead of being shocked to see him, you admire his slicked-back hair. You briefly think about the scene in 'Beetlejuice' where the newly dead couple are in a dank little room waiting to become registered as the undead. Then you see your grandmother peeking out from the door. It dawns on you that you are in a dead zone of sorts, but not like the 'Beetlejuice' one, nor the creeping dead zone of Saanich Inlet. This one feels normal. Your grandmother slowly emerges once she spots you. On her approach, you frantically try to put on your hoody to cover up your tattoos. Your dead grandfather walks a few steps behind her and although they walk slowly, they get to you before you can get your sweater all the way on. Your grandmother gives you a look saying "I'm omnipotent, don't you know?" and you realize that the sweater gesture is a rather foolish one. She doesn't need protection from your skiddy sensibilities, she already knows about them. Still, she helps you to get the sweater on, using the opportunity to make some kind of sarcastic remark into your ear about hiding things from the all-knowing. Then she embraces you and doesn't let you go. You're fine with this. Your grandfather watches the reunion with a smile on his face. He doesn't feel left out because he visited you last week in a different dream. The dream wherein he mentioned that he was too old to climb hills and made a triange shape with his hands in front of your chest.

While still hugging your grandmother, you wake up to an early morning earthquake. Since you sleep on the floor, the seismic intensity (at 3.0) shudders into your back then duly exits out your chest. You have recently learned that earthquakes occur in clusters: the first being the most intense (as the tectonic plates ram into each other) and the consequencial ones being more subtle (as the plates slide back into place). This is the third earthquake in the past week and will most likely be the last in this particular cluster.

You think about several things as you try to fall back to sleep:
1. The law of physics stating: energy cannot be created or destroyed.
2. Your grandfather's finger triangle.
3. The photo of a photo you recently recieved of your grandmother with her Royal Purple group.
(As seen inexplicably illuminated, top row, 4 from the left.)

(for comparison: An additional photo is sent because "...the first one was a little blurry." You fail to question the source about the dramatic anomoly in first image.)


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